How “Take the Leap Financial Coaching” started

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Hi everyone. It’s been a long time and I do apologize. When I first started this blog, I was excited to share my ideas/thoughts/knowledge regarding finance, frugality, and money. And, that stands true today! I’ve had every intention of restarting this blog and writing on a consistent basis. In fact, my passion never wavered and there was in fact much more soul searching, planning and dreaming to do. Not only did I want to blog and share my ideas with all of you, but I wanted to create something much more meaningful than that.

My wife and I live in the foothills of Colorado. We stay active by running, weightlifting, hiking, and enjoying the great outdoors as much as possible. For several years, we have pushed towards our own dreams of spending as much time doing those things as humanly possible. In order for that to happen, we knew that we’d have to make some sacrifices now, we’d have to work really hard and we’ve had to be intuitive, never settling, always pushing forward. We’ve continued to dream. We have high expectations for ourselves and believe that anything is possible and there is no limit on potential.

Our lives are busy. We work full time jobs which often involves working over the standard 40 hours a week; sometimes long days and late nights. On top of that, we own and self manage 5 investment properties, which often times occupies parts of our nights and weekends. We have 2 energetic dogs (and a cat) and as previously mentioned, like to stay active.

Then the Pandemic hit. COVID has effected most everyone in a lot of different ways. For us personally, from a work perspective, it actually ended up inadvertently leading to us working full time remote for the past 7 months. In this period, we have been able to better balance our work and life outside of work. Although they often times intermingle, it’s been much easier to manage the many obligations set before us. This period started getting us to think outside the box more and continue to dream. We started realizing that for us to be most effective with everything we were doing in our lives, this needed to be permanent. We could balance work, play and the many demands of life by operating from our home base.

As the summer went on, we created many memories in the mountains. If I recall correctly, I believe we did a total of 10 camping trips this summer and probably spent roughly 2 months of the year in a tent. Our desire and passion to have more flexibility in our lives continued to grow. We started asking ourselves as we had many times before, “what is our true passion in life”, “what type of business can we start”, “what would we be good at”? Our largest camping trip of the summer culminated in a journey to the Tetons, Yellowstone and a grand tour of Idaho. 20 days in the mountains. 19 nights in a tent. Surely, this would be just what we needed to brainstorm the ultimate idea.

Finally, a dream was realized on a 5 mile hike on Proctor Mountain in Sun Valley, Idaho. A few miles into the hike, going up towards the top on a beautiful and perfect sunny day, it came to us. Financial Coaching. We’ve been passionate about the subjects of finance, budgeting, and financial freedom. We’ve spent countless hours learning how to get rid of debt and work towards investing for financial independence. We’ve discussed these topics with friends and family to help them out. Most importantly we are knowledgeable about these things and enjoy seeing others succeed. We started to talk about it and on every hike for the rest of the trip, we brainstormed ideas and created a game plan of sorts.

Things continued to evolve when we returned. We mapped things out on a calendar, we started putting the dream and the vision into play. Here we are today and we’re proud to announce that this dream has become a reality and we are officially launching “Take the Leap Financial Coaching”. We’re excited for what lies ahead and we’re hopeful that you’ll join us on this journey. Whether it’s continuing to follow and support our blog, signing up and taking advantage of the financial coaching we are now offering, or just being a friend or family member to lean on for support. We are happy you are here with us and we appreciate you. Now, let’s do this together and Take the Leap!

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